⚜ 13 ways to Gobi a champion ⚜

Posted: November 29, 2016

– Who doesn’t love a little challenge? ✅

Our newest update introduces Challenge Stickers. These are delicious little things that you can unlock if you complete certain challenges on the app. This is a fun way to achieve new, awesome stickers that you can brief with to the Gobi community! BUT, they will only be available for those who manage to complete the tasks given.

To unlock them; go and take a picture, push the sticker button and take a look at your new challenges! Some of them are easier to achieve than others, but they are all at an arms reach for the biggest, baddest Gobi people out there.

– Beat Team Gobi at our own game 🎉

In conjunction with the release, Team Gobi want’s to challenge all of you to beat us at the finish line!

The whole team has a race going on for being the first one to unlock all the stickers. But the best part is that we also want to include our favourite people in this challenge; you guys! Therefore, we hereby promise that if one of you manage to be the first Gobi user to complete the 13 challenges, you will win the complete Gobi-groupie starter pack. This of course includes the famous Gobi cap, the Gobi hoodie, a Gobi t-shirt and some other pretty lit merch! Want it? You better start unlocking some stickers, because we are fast!

Let the games begin 😜

Posted: November 29, 2016