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Posted: November 15, 2016

Gobi Interactive

With features that will change the way you interact and engage on social media forever, we are proud to introduce our newest version.

How often have you seen a need-to-buy-product on Snapchat or Instagram and had to screenshot or go to the one and only “link in bio” to be redirected? Or how often have you wanted to easily get your friends opinion on something but had to turn to messy group chats? Gobi now solve all these problems for you. Directly on the snaps!

Interactive Stickers

Gobi’s mission is to always make communication easier, faster and better for you. We simply allow you to interact, without annoying extra steps that takes up your time. The Interactive Stickers will solve problems you didn’t even know you had.

Link Sticker

The first one is the link sticker. Simply put the sticker on top of your picture and add any link. Now your friends can push the sticker and be redirected to a website or an app. Show them your new Tinder-match or share that awesome new song instantly, without all the hustle.

Vote Sticker

The second sticker lets you vote! Get your friends, or even the whole Gobi community’s opinion by adding the vote sticker on your snap. Should you buy that outfit? Or what are your friends wearing tonight, casual or dressed up? Just put up a poll and ask them!

Follow Sticker

Last but not least, our join-sticker allows you to recommend other Gobi channels or even promote your own through some of the larger communities on the app! Do you want your friends to join “Cats of Gobi”? Put on the sticker and type it in! Boom, click and they’re there.

In addition to the interactive stickers, we have made several other changes to the app which will make it even easier and smoother to use! Make sure you update to the newest version.

XOXO Team Gobi

Posted: November 15, 2016