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Gobi Live

Projector Embed
Our projecting feature provides the opportunity to present your story beyond the Gobi app. Project your live-story on screens at the office, or at an event to engage an even broader audience.
Testimonials from our customers

"Traditional employer branding has been highly corporate and polished. We wish to give students and potential employees a transparent and exciting picture of the day-to-day life at DNB. Gobi enables us to do this by allowing our employees to share pictures and videos directly with our followers through the app."

Glenn Menkin - Head of Recruitment, DNB

Gobi Admin Interface

With an intuitive web interface, we have reinvented the way to administer your story online. You can still easily manage your content directly in the app, but now you can integrate the system in your everyday workflow. The in-browser system allows you to create engaging content – within the comfort of your desktop computer.


Know your followers

Creating engaging content is all about understanding your audience. Our analysis centre provides access to in-depth data, which makes it easy for you to customise your story based on actual statistics.

Drag and drop stickers

Upload your company logo or make your own stickers to use in the app. You decide if you want every follower in your channel to recieve your sticker, or just the administrators.