Frequently Asked Questions

Taking Photos and Videos

When you open the Gobi app, you will be taken directly to the camera. This way it is super easy to catch what’s happening in any moment. Just tap the capture-button to take a picture, or press and hold to record a video.

Flip Camera

The flip camera icon on the top middle of the screen allows you to change between the camera on the back of your phone and the selfie camera in front. Be ready to capture the moment from any perspective, in one single tap.

Toggle Flash

The flash icon in the top right corner of your screen allows you to toggle the flash on your phone, which makes it easier for you to capture your picture – even at night. Note! The flash function may not be available when using the selfie camera on all devices.

Posting Anonymously

The ghost icon gives you the opportunity to post your Goob anonymously – without showing your username to the followers of any story.


The sticker-icon will guide you to a library of stickers. Choose a standard sticker to decorate your Goob, or simply swipe to find our beloved interactive stickers. These stickers allow you to interact with all the followers of a story. You can easily create a poll using our poll-stickers, or add a link with the incredible link-sticker functionality. Swipe one more time, and you’ll find your special stickers, all provided to you by our independent stories.

Add Captions

With the text icon you can add a caption to your Goob. You can choose to present the caption in a regular textbox, or you can simply tap the text icon again to present the text by itself. Protip: Swipe on text to present your caption using some of our awesome fonts!

Approve Content

When you have gone through the list of pending Goobs, remember to press “done” to save your choices. All accepted Goobs will then go straight out to your story, and all the declined ones will be deleted.


By using the pen tool you can get really creative. This tool allow you to doodle sketches directly on your Goob! Draw an arrow or a simple circle to highlight something, or go all out crazy and allow your true artist to flourish through an awesome drawing.


The timer icon provides the opportunity to decide how long your Goob will be displayed. Choose anything from 1 to 10 seconds, but remember – anyone can still store your Goob by screenshotting it.

Save to Camera Roll

After creating a Goob, just press the download icon to download it. This way you can easily store your memories for life, or even share them in other social media.

Sending Content

Now, all you have to do is press the send icon and choose where you want your Goob displayed. Remember, some stories are publicly available, which means any Goober might see it. Some stories are also moderated by an admin that will have to approve your Goob for it to be included in the public story.

Watching Content

To enjoy the awesome content in the stories you follow, swipe up from the camera or press the X-icon in the top left corner of the camera. You will then be presented with a list of new Goobs in the stories you follow.

Open Stories

To see a story, tap it once. If there are multiple unseen Goobs in a story, they will automatically be presented in chronological order. The line on top of the screen shows how long is left of the Goob.

Go Back

While watching a story, you can skip to the next picture by tapping on it. Tap on the left hand side to go back in the story.

Create Group

Creating your own story on Gobi is super easy. Tap “Create” in the top right corner of your home screen.

Administrate Public Groups

When someone sends a Goob to a group you manage, you will be notified directly on your home screen. Now, to moderate these Goobs, simply tap on the story you want to work with.

Review Content

In the admin-page you will see all pending Goobs, and below them you will see all the Goobs in the story at any moment. To accept a pending Goob, tap the checker in the corner. To decline a picture, tap the “x”.